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Welcome to the Portals of the Nether information site!
What we do is outlined here, but the site isn't interactive. All communication with the guild goes on online, so that's where you can reach us.
If you're interested in joining, look over the rules and activities, and send a letter to Daenar (Sentinels Horde side), or catch me online during my Emporium at 2-3pm server time every day.
Keep in mind, folks, PotN is NOT an ordinary guild. Only those who have a consistent desire to help, and don't want to do it alone, should consider joining up.
Hopefully, I'll see you online!
Rules and Regulations
Most of the rules for the guild are common sense, but they're outlined here for your reference anyway.
Since you'll be in the guild, you'll be representing us to the rest of the server. That means no profanity, sexist, racist, ageist, mouse-ist, basically all 'ist' things are out. You know, the basic TOS stuff :)
If you have a problem with someone, especially someone in an allied guild, bring it up with me first, and we can talk options from there.
These depend on your level. If you're less than max level, your only real responsibility is to level up your class, professions, and reputation. However, if you're max level, I want you to help out with the guild activities (see the other page). If you don't like them, feel free to propose your own. If I like it, I'll include it on the activities page. Anything from organized raids, to an RP show, to a scavenger hunt. Be creative :)
Alts are allowed in the guild, but I need all of your characters to be clearly marked. I'll put a list of your other chars on the Public Note, so people know who's who.
Inactive players are a big no-no. Just mail me if you're planning on being gone for a while. If none of your characters log on in over a week, I'll make a note of it. Two weeks, and you'll be demoted to an inactive status rank until you return.
Guild Bank:
All bank tabs are available to nearly everyone in the guild. Use what you need. If you need gold, just try to replace it. Others may need the same.
SGC allies
PotN is part of a group of other guilds, the Sentinels Guild Coalition. We're a very informal organization. Others in the SGC share our goals of helping others and providing a good example of gameplay. A list of the SGC guilds I have links to is to the right. If you want a site added to that list, just mail me :)
If you want to chat with them, type /join SGCC to join the chat channel. Custom channels are fragile, though. If your computer shuts down accidentally, you'll need to rejoin it.
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